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Do’s and Don’ts

Once you begin working with your Mortgage Consultant  it’s important not to do things that will have an adverse effect on the loan process. Following the guide below will ensure your loan approval stays valid from start to finish.

Make timely payments on all current debt obligations

Notify us of any anticipated change in your employment, income, assets, etc

Notify us of any deposits you plan to make not related to your normal income source

Notify us if you plan to receive any gift funds prior to closing

Notify us if you have any vacations or trips planned prior to closing

Promptly provide documents requested by your Mortgage Consultant

Change jobs or give notice to your employer

Close any bank accounts, transfer balances between accounts, or deposit cash

Withdraw closing funds from an account not previously discussed with your Mortgage Consultant

Apply for or open any new credit accounts

Make major purchases, or charge large amounts on your credit cards

Pay off any collections, loans, credit cards, or consolidate your debt

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